Random question generator for teachers

Falling short of questions during conversations? This random question maker can help you. Here you can get questions from various topics that you can use to make your conversations more interesting and meaningful. Start a conversation with these questions and take the lead. Asking questions is the best way to start conversations.

You can always make your own questions to ask at the moment.

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But when you need topics for questions, you can find it here. Here is a collection of the best questions that you can ask a guy or a girl or simply start a conversation with a stranger. Need questions to ask? Hundreds of questions in seconds. Conversation Starter Find questions that can help you initiate conversation. Fun Time Some of the questions here are great for having fun. Food For Thought Find thought-provoking questions that can make you think deeper.

Discover more topics Some of these questions may open up new topics for you to learn. Conversations Tip How to start a conversation Asking questions is the best way to start conversations.

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Generate Question.ClassMarker was built with Teachers in mind. We understand the need for giving online exams to Groups of Students at the same time, as well as, individually is important.

Creating online exams for Student assessment is easy with ClassMarker.

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You can literally be up and running in minutes with no online assessment software required to be installed on computers at all. All exams are both Created and Taken on our website. You can easily create all your Questions on ClassMarker. Assistant accounts can be used to allow multiple users to create online quizzes.

Teachers and headmasters can view quiz results instantly. Keep Students attention and create engaging online quizzes. View our Online Testing Features. ClassMarker Online quiz maker. Register Log in. You can re-use Questions in multiple Tests.

Categorize your Questions Add custom categories to add your Questions into. This is great for analyzing Exam results.

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Now create a Test from your Questions You can select to have Questions given in order, at random, or have Questions selected at random from your Question bank.

Choose Exam settings Set time limits, cheat prevention, availability dates, randomize questions and answers, public and private access permissions, give certificates, email results and select if students can view their results. View results ClassMarker will grade your exams, and each Students Test result can be viewed including their selected answers. View statistics over Question results Teachers can Analyze Question statistics to find problem areas. Examination software for schools Allow your school to give the online assessments using ClassMarker.

Teachers can share Test and Exams with each other. Students can all take their exams at the same time. Rated 4.Tests can either be published privately to a select group or open them up to everyone with a single link and registration page.

FlexiQuiz instantly marks and grades your tests. Powerful reports then allow you to perform in-depth analysis across all responses. Create fun social quizzes that you can post on your website, blog or other social media site.

If you prefer privacy the advanced email options allow you to quickly send private quizzes to your friends. The review feature allows your friends to review their answers after they have completed the quiz.

Quickly create courses or online tests for your students. You can make your test public or just publish it for your class or school with our private test options. The premium account will allow you to upload media and have unlimited questions.

The auto-grading function will save you time and allow you to concentrate on what's important. Create online training and assessments to ensure your staff are always up to date with the right skills. The powerful reporting allows you to track your staff participation and progress. FlexiQuiz implements SSL encryption and offers public and private options so you can be sure your assessments are always secure.

Being online allows you and your respondents to access, administer and take your quizzes from anywhere at anytime. With SSL encryption and utilising our advanced cloud infrastructure you can be sure your tests will always be secure.

FlexiQuiz can automatically mark and grade your assessments, saving you the time to concentrate on whats important. With FlexiQuiz it is easy to set a time limit or allow your learners an unlimited amount of time to complete your assessment. Customize your tests by adding your own branding with your school or companies logo. Toggle navigation. For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript.

Powerful online test and quiz maker. Create Quickly create great looking tests using multiple question types and formatting options. Publish Tests can either be published privately to a select group or open them up to everyone with a single link and registration page. Analyze FlexiQuiz instantly marks and grades your tests. Why choose FlexiQuiz. Powerful reports.

random question generator for teachers

Schedule your tests. Public and private tests. Custom email invites. Include images. Free plan option. Mobile ready. Multiple question types. Secured with SSL encryption. PDF reports. Advanced configuration options. Timed tests.Let the random choice generator make a quick decision for you by picking a choice from a selection list of items you provide. It's a quick and easy decision maker.

This tool is great for making a decision in trivial matters should I continue building a mobile app or take a nap or etc. When you have many things to do at once, let this tool pick a random choice for you.

Not recommended for major decisions in life Use this decision maker just for fun and trivial matters. Your list items can be on separate lines, separated by commas or etc. Just paste all the choices you have and click the button below to display a randomly picked selection from the list.

Paste or type out all the items that you want to choose from in the box below and then click the Random Choice button. The randomly generated item from the list will appear just below the text box. Your items are: on separate lines. I you like the rendom choice generator on this website, I also made a random decision maker that generates answers.

Ideal for anyone seeking advice Great tool for brainstorming ideas. Random Number Generator : Generate some random numbers in a specific number range.

Random Question Generator

Random Sentence Generator : Create random sentences for creative brainstorming. Remove Line Breaks : Remove unwanted line breaks from your text. Random Choice Generator : Let this tool make a random decision for you. Alphabetical Order : Alphabetize lists, or other text content with this tool. Word Counter : Count the number of words in your text. Random Decision Maker : Generate a random decision with this app. The Rules of Plural Nouns : Entertaining explanations and many plural examples Generating Random Words : An article about how generating random words can inspire fresh new ideas.Quiz makers enable teachers to create assessments quickly and easily.

They take the guesswork out of formatting and reduce the risk of errors. Online quiz makers also allow the teacher to create an answer sheet at the same time. Some HTML5 quiz makers are built in order to develop online content and may even grade the questions for you, whilst others generate a printable version. Online quizzes can be enjoyable for students to take and are more closely aligned with the type of assessment used at tertiary institutions and places of work.

Feedback is often immediate, enhancing the learning experience. They are also great for the environment because they save on paper. Easy Test Maker creates printable tests and answer sheets with multiple choice, match the columns, short answer, true or false and fill in the blank style questions. The interface is incredibly easy to navigate with an all-inclusive sidebar.

Printable tests with consistent formatting are created with ease and can be saved online to access again at any time.

Create interactive HTML5 quizzes and surveys using different question types, multimedia, styles and informational slides and publish created tests for the Web, an LMS, or Microsoft Word. The paid version is by far the quiz maker with the greatest variety and freedom in all aspects.

random question generator for teachers

It supports a number of media formats and enables the teacher to analyze test data. Go Conqr uses a crowd-sourced resource bank to create a variety of learning tools which can be downloaded for offline access. It also has an online community that allows you to collaborate with other teachers and get feedback from students.

Class Marker is a secure site for business and education which helps you develop online assessments for users to take using a link sent to them. It has a minimalist interface which is easy to use. Tests can be shared via a group or a link. The distinguishing factor on this one is that it offers a large number of different languages.

Create exams, educational games and assessments for online use. The tests are highly customizable and suitable for all devices, including smartphones. The focus of this site is making assessment and learning fun for students. It integrates well with social media and the interface is well-suited for younger students. Help Teaching is a Common Core-aligned resource site which offers content and quiz making for printable tests.

It has a wide range of content which can be filtered according to grade level and subject. The formatting is limited but the shared resources are ideal for inexperienced teachers. This online quiz maker is not specifically aimed at education and can also be used by employers to create tests for their workers. ProProfs includes a blog and various templates as well as live chat support.

Poll Maker creates simple polls and surveys to integrate with social media sites. It is completely free and requires no registration or downloads. It is incredibly easy to set up and there are a number of themes to enhance the look of your quiz. The target market is teachers with different learning levels and abilities in one class.

Tests can be re-worked to suit different learning abilities using filters. School House Technologies offers worksheets, test and activities.

This site is compatible with Windows only.The Test Builder option can be set to identify exactly how many questions to select from each TestBank to create a single test. Random Test Generator-PRO will then randomly select test items within each TestBank requested without selecting the exact same question twice. These tests may be administered on the computer with an optional timer, printed on paper or administer via the Internet.

Since each test is unique, custom answer keys may be printed for every student test developed. Printed tests and their associated answer keys are provided with the same ID number so they can easily be matched up. Tests administered on computer may be automatically graded in seconds. Tests administered via the Internet allows students to easily submit their answers via e-mail for grading with a single-click.

In addition to Standard tests where students do not receive test results feedback until provided for by the instructor, you may also create tests as Practice Tests. Tests created in this mode will allow students to immediately receive feedback after they have completed their tests and even receive full answer explanations.

These media files may be embedded directly into your TestBanks or linked to files on your computer. A Test Item Analysis feature has been added which will keep track of all your test items as to how students are performing against them to help you decide the validity of each of your test items.

TXT files. Therefore, you can edit these files between these applications without losing any formatting.

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This guide covers all aspects of the software and includes many screen images to help you quickly learn its many powerful capabilities. Overview Specs. From Hirtle Software: Random Test Generator-PRO is designed for educators at any level to develop TestBanks of test items from which randomly selected test items are then extracted to create student tests.

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Each TestBank acts as a repository to house a wide range of test items for specific topics. There are no limits to the amount of test items which can be stored in each TestBank and no limit to the number of TestBanks which may be created. You may use multiple TestBanks to create student tests. Multiple choice test items may also have multiple answers if desired. All your test items can be spoken out-loud by the software as well as read from the screen.

This Text-to-Speech TTS feature provides students an added optional benefit to hear a crisp computer synthesized voice reading questions and answer choices out-loud. Hundreds of languages and visual characters are available to download and use for FREE. What do you need to know about free software? Publisher's Description. Full Specifications. Hirtle Software.EasyTestMaker is an online test generator to help you create and manage your tests! Create, print and publish your tests online!

EasyTestMaker makes it easy for you to perfectly format multiple question types, print alternate versions, and publish to the web for online tests. Online tests are automatically graded! Sign Up — It's Free. Create multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, short answer and true or false questions.

Add instructions and divide your test into multiple sections. Learn more Published online tests are graded automatically. View and print student's results and override grading when necessary. The same test you print, is the same test you publish online!

Create a test with your entire question bank.

random question generator for teachers

Publish your test and choose to present as few or as many questions as you require. Each test taker will have a random set of questions. Quick and easy reports to see how many test takers answered which questions right and wrong.

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Alternate versions and answer sheets provided with no extra work. Questions and answer choices are automatically resorted in a different order. Create an exam from your existing tests with just a few clicks.

At any time you can copy a question from one test to another one! Any test, any version, including answer sheets can be download as a Micrsoft Word or PDF document to be saved and printed later. EasyTestMaker eliminates wasted time spent on formatting. Add new questions and sections, move them around as needed and let EasyTestMaker do the hard work for you. All your tests are saved for easy retrieval.

Top 10 Quiz Makers for Teachers and Educators

You can make changes or print out additional copies of any test you create. EasyTestMaker is great! I save lots of time creating tests because all the formatting is done for me. Word banks are randomized and EasyTestMaker will create an answer key too.

This program will save you time--try it!! Toggle navigation.


Request username or password Features Why you should use EasyTestMaker! Perfectly formatted tests Create multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, short answer and true or false questions. Online tests graded automatically Published online tests are graded automatically. Question Pools Create a test with your entire question bank. Question analysis reporting Quick and easy reports to see how many test takers answered which questions right and wrong.

Alternate versions to reduce cheating Alternate versions and answer sheets provided with no extra work.

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